The Chambers

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the Chambers is Temporarily Closed

Escape to Sam's Town Tunica for more excitement! Located on the 2nd floor of the atrium. We currently have two rooms available where you can experience one of the latest trends in entertainment. Batteries not needed!

Escape Alive – You and the reluctant group of tourists you are with have no choice but to rediscover the cure for the zombie contagion released into the atmosphere. You will battle love and greed, but you must prevail. The fate of humanity depends on those brains of yours!

Mission Improbable – You and your team must discover what information has been stolen by a recently captured foreign spy who is about to be traded back to her country for some of our own. We need to secure our secrets before the trade. This assignment requires a lot of intellect, so you and your team will have to get into gear and work together to complete this most improbable mission.

See B Connected Club for full details. Management reserves all rights.

Hours & Rates

Hours & Rates

Location: 2nd floor of Atrium

Rates: $25 per person